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Projects and Partnerships


"I deeply appreciate the ways in which STOKE practiced a relational, dialogic approach in their work with us. I came out of the process with a clearer understanding of my role as a supervisor and team coordinator, and have become a more reflective, responsible facilitator."

- Alana Kumbier, Associate Librarian for Humanities & Knowledge Commons at Hampshire College

STOKE is grateful for the opportunities to work with a wide array of groups and organizations in deepening their commitment to doing the relational work of change-making. No matter the length or content of a partnership, our work is always deeply rooted in shifting culture. Whether it’s running visioning sessions or trainings, designing a retreat, or accompanying an organization as they refocus their organizational purpose, STOKE trainers always have an eye towards a relational, liberated future. Our past work has ranged from ‘all-encompassing’ multi-year projects to working with organizations in a specific area over the course of a month. We have worked with a range of group sizes across focus issues, age, race, gender, and other lines of difference.

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