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For years, The STOKE Collective has been thinking about and experimenting extensively around what organizations, movements, and grassroots community groups need to create lasting change within their organizations and their communities. We’ve learned it takes time, commitment, and support to create relational and humane organizational cultures that last. 

The following services are ways that we are able to support your group either through long-term accompaniment or in the short-term with specific tools and facilitation. All of our services have been adapted for a virtual setting.

Organizational Culture Assessments: In both long-term organizational accompaniment and short-term support, we begin our work by learning as much as possible about our partners and their specific context. Then, after taking into account the diverse perspectives and practices of the group, we reflect back strengths, areas of growth, and give recommendations towards shifting their organizational culture.

Long-term Organizational Accompaniment: We know that transforming an organization - increasing its ability to support its people and meet its goals - takes deep support. We engage in deep, ongoing collaborations with groups committed to shifting power to the margins. Long-term accompaniment is generally a combination of the services below over a period of 5 or more months and seeks to support groups in implementing a broader culture shift.

Short-term Support: Whether your group has a set of short-term objectives to accomplish, or a situation you are looking for guidance in moving through, we offer training and support in a specific set of practices tailored to your organization’s context and needs. This could look like facilitating two or more meetings for your organization, or leading specific workshops & trainings, with a debrief. See below for more specifics on the workshops and trainings we offer.

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We work with groups in an “accompaniment” style, building out forms of support to meet the specific needs of the organization and its people. We continually revisit the forms of support we are offering to long-term clients to address emerging challenges that they face.

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Workshops and Trainings

Workshops and trainings are generally part of our partnerships with organizations and groups. While we are open to providing a workshop as a way to get to know your organization, we ultimately see workshops and trainings as a facet of a broader strategy to shift relational culture within your group.

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Conflict Transformation

When groups are experiencing tense dynamics or conflict, we facilitate them through the hard conversations, and accompany them as they find their solutions.

Organizational and Project Development

As part of our long-term accompaniment work with groups, we help groups develop systems and regularized practices for getting work done collectively.

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Participatory Meetings and Gatherings

We help organizations, groups, programs, and coalitions to organize participatory meetings and events, and can help at any stage of the process.


We help diverse people come together, engage their differences, and develop their capacity to work together for the long haul.

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