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Work with STOKE

If you think we may be your people, here are some things to know before we dive into partnership…


  • We work exclusively with groups -- an established collective, an organization, a coalition, a movement group, a workplace, a project of a university or foundation or other institution, or an informal group of folks who are trying to work together.

  • We currently offer our work on a broad sliding scale, from full support for our time to meeting our minimum expenses.

  • After we receive your intake form, we will schedule a 1-hour informational meeting with you to get to know your group, your goals, and the resources you have and need to get there. The people that you meet with might not be the same folks that you end up working with, however, we strive to ensure that you work with collective members who are best able to support you.

  • If the collective votes to move forward with working together, we will then send along a proposal draft based on our assessment of how we can help your group meet its goals. We typically take 1 week to write proposals.

  • Please review the proposal draft with all the people in your group who will be affected. Return it to us promptly (within a week), with any comments, questions, or concerns. We will work out any details with you (this can be in a meeting or over email), and if/when we are all happy with the agreement we will send a final proposal and contract. We ask that you sign this within 2 weeks of receiving it.

  • We'll start work with you 2 weeks after receiving a signed proposal.


For additional inquiries, email us at

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