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Webinars and

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Meeting Well Webinar

Meeting Well is a participatory training to help you have more connective and strategic meetings. You will learn key tools and skills to enhance meeting practices and engagement, as well as basic facilitation tools, to engage you in harnessing the power of effective meetings.

Register for 'Meeting Well' by September 23rd

Transforming Conflict Series

Transforming Conflict is a 2-session series that will support participants to orient towards a transformative approach to conflict by introducing shared definitions for conflict transformation, as well as frameworks and tools that participants can use in their own contexts. Participants will build conflict skills by engaging in real-time practice.

Register for 'Transforming Conflict' by October 19th

Facilitation for Changemakers Series

Facilitation for Changemakers is a 6-session facilitation training series oriented towards strengthening facilitation practices within existing changemaking groups. We are requiring that each group send two-four people from their organization or group to participate. This is to ensure each participant has a partner in applying learnings to their specific context; can practice co-facilitation (a core facilitation skill); and can share training responsibilities with another person when imparting skills learned to the rest of the organization or group. Organizations can be anywhere in the country, as this series will be run through Zoom.

This series includes:

  1. Six, 2.5 hour training sessions with small assignments in between to strengthen your skills;

  2. A complimentary STOKE consultation for your organization after the last session;

  3. A virtual community for participants to problem-solve and support one another in facilitation after the training series.

Coming again in 2024! Stay tuned for registration.

For additional inquiries, email us at

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