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Who We Are

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The STOKE Collective, LCA, is currently run by ten collective members, with its work supported and informed by a broad network of communities and co-conspirators. 


We believe... 

That culture shift is real and deep.

In people coming together to understand and transform their worlds.

That the tools we share enable communities to be self-sustaining and adaptable.

That slowness is a powerful and transformative tool in a fast-paced world.


That working with and across difference is vital to the success of meaningful changemaking.

That solidarity - fighting alongside one another - begins with deep recognition of another’s struggle.

That when we care for one another and are accountable to each other, 

we can take bigger risks and fight harder for the long haul.

That when people are truly recognized,

they are more able to fight for themselves and their communities.

That the results of our work unfold over time.

The Collective

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