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Values and Approach

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STOKE's Core Values

Community care - In a time defined by unprecedented urgent need, we seek to find real ways to talk about capacity. We take care of one another in a spirit of generosity, with an eye to building systems that can keep people in it. This is central to how we operate as a collective inside and out, making sure all of us have our needs met.

Radical self-determination - We are not “fix it” people. We know that our people and communities possess what they need to win, and we are most powerful when we find our path together. We will not tell you what to do, we’ll guide you in figuring that out based on what your people need.

Thoughtful, participatory process - Process is powerful, and determines the culture we create in our groups and movements. We believe the process is as valuable and deserving of time and intention as the outcome.

Building collective leadership - We aim to support leaderful movements who have the knowledge, power, tools, and confidence to bring their expertise to all their work.

Active and engaged solidarity - We recognize our training and facilitation work as participation in a larger movement ecosystem. We seek to build webs of connection in our radical movement spaces that are genuine and deep across lines of difference. We believe in collective liberation.


STOKE's Approach

The STOKE Collective strives toward a culture of change-making that is grounded in what feeds us--relationships, support, joy, and opportunities for personal and collective growth. Our work is about training up and supporting our partner organizations to hold each other with dignity and respect, because we know we are more resilient and powerful when we show up for one another.


To this end, STOKE builds sustained partnerships with programs, kitchen-table groups, organizations, coalitions, and institutions that want to invest in this culture shift. We accompany you in your particular work to engage those most affected by injustice in becoming the core force for change. We help you develop the tools, skills, and everyday practices to build with your people and keep everyone in the work.

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