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“I’ve got your back”

“Show up for each other”

“Be in solidarity”

“We’re in this together”


These are all common phrases we use and sentiments we demand of each other in movement spaces — what does it look like to make these sayings reality?

We live in a time defined by urgency. A time of systemic violence and extraordinary inequity. A time when our communities are facing the existential threats brought on by rising authoritarianism, white supremacy, and a climate crisis driven by capitalist greed. All at once. 


Community organizations, movements, and activists are addressing multiple crises on multiple levels. People are working so hard to fill the gaps, care for one another, fight the good fights, address root causes, free their people, and build better worlds. In order to stay in the struggle, this struggle must feel like home. The work of social justice must nurture and heal and connect us, not splinter and isolate and burn us out. Because all of our communities, families, and hopes for the future depend on the success and sustainability of today’s movements, organizing groups, progressive programs, organizations, and social institutions. And the success of these depends on people. 


STOKE is about slowing down and tending to the foundations of our justice work: relationships. We believe that strong relational practices are the fuel for building power, creative strategy, and resilience.

To us, winning looks like lifting up and sustaining the people most affected by structural injustice to grow in their work for the long haul. We share with our partners the tools and practices to develop organizational cultures that are supportive, just, and deeply accountable to their people.

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