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What We Offer
Organizational and Project Development
Accompaniment and Community Building

We usually work with groups in an “accompaniment” style, building out (and often continually revising) a package of services to meet the specific needs of the organization and its people.

Workshops and Trainings

Workshops and trainings are generally part of our partnerships with organizations and groups. While we are open to providing a workshop as a way to get to know your organization, we ultimately see workshops and trainings as a facet of a broader strategy to shift relational culture within your group.

Conflict Transformation

When groups are struggling with tense dynamics or brimming with conflict, we facilitate them through the hard-conversations, and accompany them as they find their solutions.

Organizational and Project Development

We help groups to develop systems and regularized practices for getting work done collectively.

Coalition Building

We can help diverse groups come together, engage their differences, and develop the capacity to work together for the long haul.

Retreats, Conferences, and Symposia

We help organizations, groups, programs, and coalitions to organize participatory learning-organizing events, and can help at any stage of the process. 

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