UACT Alumni Conference

2017 marked 20 years since the start of the UMass Alliance for Community Transformation, with hundreds and maybe thousands of people going through the program as students, facilitators, trainers, interns, and staff members. In spring of 2017, STOKE members alongside UACT alumni, held a conference to celebrate and reflect on 20 years of UACT. The conference was open to UACT alumni, current UACT members, and current and former partners of UACT.



"I was an attendee at a conference facilitated and planned by members of the STOKE collective. The conference included previous students and facilitators from Grassroots Community Development, a course offered at Umass Amherst. STOKE offered a variety of workshops and social events to create a comfortable space for people to connect and reconnect. I enjoyed my time at the conference due to the variety of workshops, and personal interactions I had with the attendees. I was able to bring back concrete tools to my workplace. I feel I have more valuable interpersonal interactions with people at work since attending this conference. I’ve been able to recognize when voices are underrepresented, and also learned ways to allow those voices to be heard. STOKE staff is dedicated to developing tools to build effective organizations through interpersonal interactions. If you think your workplace or organization could benefit from meetings that accomplish things and everyone's voice being heard, STOKE can help build structures to allow that."

-Neal Kalra, conference attendee and former UACT facilitator