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About Facilitation for Changemakers


The STOKE Collective is running a 4-session facilitation training series oriented towards strengthening facilitation practices within existing change-making communities, groups, and organizations.


We are requiring that each group send two individuals to participate, or to register with a partner. This is to ensure each participant has a thought-partner in applying learnings to their specific context; can practice co-facilitation - a core facilitation skill; & so two people can share the responsibility of bringing the skills they will learn back to the organization or group. Pairs can participate from anywhere in the country, as this series will be run through Zoom.

This series includes:

  1. Four (2.5 hours) training sessions with small assignments in between sessions to strengthen your skills

  2. A feedback focus group after the 4th session with trainers

  3. A complimentary STOKE consultation/conversation for or with your organization or group

  4. Access to a virtual community for participants to problem-solve and support one another around facilitation and more

By the end of this training series, participants will be able to:

  • Design and facilitate activities/meetings for their organizational context, and be able to guide others in this approach

  • Create a personal inventory of one’s own facilitation practice and name areas of growth and exploration

  • Build and utilize a collective toolbox of skills and resources to strengthen their facilitation

  • Contextualize their facilitation in a broader framework of popular education methodologies

  • Explore the concept of “meetings as makers,” as well as how meeting objectives move a group towards a larger organizational vision

  • Utilize a network of facilitation colleagues they can access & connect with beyond the training

May Series Dates

5:30-8:00 pm EST

May 5th

May 12th

May 19th

May 26th

June 2nd

Register by:

May 1st for the May series.

The STOKE Collective is offering this series on a sliding scale designed with cost, affordability, and equity in mind. We rely on the support of larger, resourced organizations to ensure that smaller, grassroots groups building power on the margins are able to access this training.

If your organization or group is unable to cover the cost of this training, you can apply for financial assistance through this form, after filling out the registration form below.

Grassroots/Equity (Tier 1) - $480/2 people

Grassroots/Equity (Tier 2) - $720/2 people

At Cost (Tier 3) - $960/2 people

Institutions/Solidarity (Tier 4) - $1440/2 people

Institutions/Solidarity (Tier 5) - $1920/2 people

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