Calling In The Call Culture 

In the Spring of 2016, five-college student and faculty leaders worked alongside reproductive justice leader, Loretta Ross, to co-create the first ever Calling In Conference to address the challenges within university social justice culture. Many of these leaders would go on to create the STOKE Collective. Loretta describes this work in the following, taken from her website; “We begin to build a unified and strategic human rights movement that weaves our strengths together, that uses our differences as a platform for modeling a positive future built on justice and the politics of love, rather than a return to the past based on the politics of fear and prejudice. However, to create this movement we need to make a commitment to recognize and support each other – Calling People in rather than Calling them Out”. Facilitators collaborated to create a participatory event that asked participants to listen, engage, reflect and problem solve together around the reactionary, call out culture of the collegiate social justice scenes they were immersed in.


“What I mostly learned from [UACT] was how to respond to students' needs in transmitting new skills and ideas. I remember the intensity of our meetings and how patient you were with our learning curve as we designed a program centering students' needs. Because [UACT] teaches and shares high quality facilitation skills, you ensured the success of the Calling In training, and as I said, I'd love to work with your team again."

-Loretta Ross, Reproductive Justice Movement Elder